VPN on the Nexus 7 reboots, any work around it?

VPN on the Nexus 7 reboots, any work around it?

VPN on the Nexus 7 reboots, any work around it?
I have been trying to get the VPN on my Nexus 7 to work properly. I’ve managed to setup a connection. It works but after using it for a while my Nexus 7 device would reboot!
I noticed that most of the time this happens whenever I use Google Play or Chrome! It’s quite annoying especially when you would think that the Nexus 7, Android VPN software, Chrome and Google Play development are all controlled by Google. Why can’t they just make things work properly.
Is there a work around to this on the Nexus 7 without having to remove the stock Android firmware?
Android 4, better known as Ice-cream sandwich, is one such exciting version that allows you to configure VPN and use internet in totally anonymity without hassles.

1. Navigate to the settings:

2. Select “More…”

3. Select “VPN”.If you havent done so yet, you might need to set a PIN for security reasons now.

4. Select “Add VPN network”

5. Now you need to enter the VPN server details.

Name: Anything you like,

Type: PPTP

Server address: Any server from the list at “PPTP servers”in the VPN control panel

6. Check “PPP encryption (MPPE)” and click on “Save”.

7. Youll see the new connection now.Tap it.

8. Now enter your login details:

Username: Your VPN account username

Password: Your PPTP password

(note, this is not your account password!

Get the PPTP password from the server page).

Check “Save account information” and tap “Connect”.

What you need is a VPN account !

Before you make an order, you can Trial our VPN Service for3 days.


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All country server

Get vpn with pptp/l2tp/openvpn


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