How to Watch CinemaNow in Ecuador

How to Watch CinemaNow in Ecuador

How to Watch CinemaNow in Ecuador
How to Watch CinemaNow in Ecuador
Unblock CinemaNow from abroad
How to Watch 2012 CinemaNow outside USCinemaNow website only accepts American users, so your only solution is to hide your IP for an US one. TheVPN serviceis a kind of software which gives you the ability to hide your identity and to choose your country location.
When you browse the internet, your online identity is your IP address, it contains various informations including your location. When you try to access togeo-blocked sites, your IP is analyzed. If your location doesnt match with the granted area, a special message appears. Here is the example of CinemaNow.

The process for a VPN connection consists of building an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a VPN server. Then, your browsing is redirected to the requested website. But now your identity is hidden behind the servers identity. Indeed, the VPN supplier provides you a new IP, which is related to the servers country location.
Thus, if you choose an offer with many country locations, you could be able to access to many blocked websites asHulu,NetflixorPandora. Moreover you benefit from a totalprivacy and anonymity.

VpnTraffic-1 tap vpn for Android,35+ Countries servers.Fast and Stable!
VpnTraffic – Unblock your Internet, Bypass location-based blocks! Select a server location to connect to,40+ Countries VPN servers worldwide.Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec.
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If you need Watch Netflix Outside the US?
VpnTraffic features:
– 1 tap connect to our vpn server,Free setup!
– Save username/passwords,only need select a server location to connect to
– No bandwidth limitations
– Encrypts your internet traffic
– Unblock government and corporate restrictions,Bypass location-based blocks.
– Unlimited switches between VPN server locations (35+ Countries Around the world)
– Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec
– Works with wifi, 3G, GSM, and all mobile data carriers

What you need is a VPN account !

Before you make an order, you can Trial our VPN Service for3 days.


High Speed
All country server

Get vpn with pptp/l2tp/openvpn


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