Has Amazon become a dumping ground for Chinese products with misleading listings ?

Amazon is infested with cheapo Chinese products with misleading names and descriptions. Things like watches with German/Swiss names, Hummelburger, Swissmeister just made up to disguise the true origin, and priced like the real thing at £500+.

Products supplied by both Amazon and their agents are equaly deceptive, wouldn’t it be better, more honest and truthful if all products listed on Amazon declared where they are actually made, to stop this dishonest practice of selling market stall stuff at genuine article prices.

What is a VPN?

VPN is (Virtual Private Network) were first used by companies to enable their employees to securely access internal systems such as email remotely (e.g. from home or while on business trips). Today they are increasingly being used for personal use by individuals to protect their privacy while online in public places (e.g. when using the wi-fi connection in a cafe) or in a country where the internet is censored / blocked (e.g. China, Saudi Arabia).


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